2017... the year I... 2017is nearly over.

If you're reading this it means I'm alive and well... on the date I wrote this. It's been a long time since I updated this front page section. Usually it contains an announcement, but nothing big this time, just an update! 

I'm still at Comedy Central as a digital editor/writer/producer. A lot has been happening and it's all very exciting stuff. Over the next month we'll be launching episodes from an array of very exciting web series. 

There's also a bunch of other stuff in the works, but for the time being... explore young one. Feast on my website. 

Awesome Funny Update Boy!

Oh boy, it sure has been a while... never again. Good to see you, thanks for clicking. I will pay you back for the used up finger time. 

Hey man... in a nut shell: I'm at Comedy Central now working as a writer/digital editor/development consultant/producer. Good times sweet son!

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY: My Sydney Comedy Festival Show is on sale. Yeah! It's a great show about how I changed my name when I was 14. It's a one man sketch/stand up/audio visual spectacular. 

The show will have: potato chips, pathos and virtual reality + a sword fight! Check out the poster below or just book tickets here maaaaaaan.

And now for the news...

Young sons, young ones, all faithful, fans and sympathisers. Hope you're well, I'm glad you made it through the BIG TIME. It will keep going so make sure you dive back in, in le future. Here is a brief up date on my happenings of late:

The monthly show I run at Giant Dwarf Theatre about Conspiracy Theories is going strong. In fact the Sydney Morning Herald interviewed myself and co-creator Jack Gow yesterday (so keep your eyes open for that story, coming to old media this Friday.) Our next one is  on the 8th of October. You can find out more info in up coming gigs!

More importantly, this week I will be doing a trial show at the Sydney Fringe Festival testing a whole new hour of very experimental comedy. It should be a ball, come along! Click the bar up to for bookings. 

I've also been doing some traveling which has been fun. Splendour in the Grass was great! Thanks for asking. Otherwise, I've been busy working on a bunch of different projects and a bunch of stuff should be appearing in this void of a web portal real soon. 

Keep your eyes on my up coming gigs. Your eyes. 

Extra Show!

So basically, due to the invisible market forces which conservative governments seem to get such a hard on for, I've had an extra show announced for the 23rd of May. 

What I mean is, if you want to come see me perform comedy you can come to the Enmore Theatre on the 23rd of May at 7pm. You will need to purchase a ticket with your cash money and can do so here.

I sold out my run (no big deal) and got some good reviews (which is good!) and now I get to do my show again. Yes that's right, I'm proud of my work. 

Welcome Friend...

Welcome to my website! I will be putting content up here in due course, but in the meantime check out the stand up and sketch section for information about up-coming gigs, maybe watch a video or check out my show posters.

My Sydney Comedy Festival show is coming up young son, it will be fun and funny. Below is the poster, you can book tickets by clicking here.