Bronwyn Bishop admits to buying solid gold Furby using Tax Payer money

In a further blow to her reputation and having finally resigned, Bronwyn Bishop has admitted she spent even more money on a variety of items which some commentators have described as excessive, unnecessary but also kind of cool.

 Among the items was a solid gold limited edition Furby (a one of a kind item) that Mrs. Bishop had purchased claiming it as research on how to be speaker of the house. 

Surprisingly, this new information released by her office seems to have brought both sides of politics together. Bill Shorten stated the items were “pretty great and very impressive.”

The list includes:

An album of high resolution photos from the helicopter flight Mrs. Bishop took printed and placed inside a leather bound photo album titled: My First Helicopter Ride.

A signed copy of Watch The Throne by Kanye West and Jay-Z with a hand written message from Mr West stating “You win, that was a cool helicopter”
400 bags of Doritos corn chips (398 Cheese Supreme, 2 Nacho Cheese)
A life size wax replica of Mrs. Bishop ordered from Maddamm Tussauds.
A gold plated AK-47
All remaining Kevin 07 t-shirts currently in existence. 

Barnaby Joyce has also come to Mrs. Bishops defense tweeting “haters gonna hate” The wax figure (pictures below) is terrifyingly realistic looking and holds a bizarre pose. 

Despite the strange array of items and equally strange reaction from politicians, some are claiming the Kanye message indicates the original helicopter flight in question was simply part of a bet between Mrs. Bishop and the two rappers. 

Bronwyn Bishop will be appearing before a senate enquiry with regards to the Furby.