Application for Submission of Information

At this point in history, Cyrus Bezyan, Edgeware Manor Studios and Associated Entities only consume information which fit within the official guidelines set out by the Moratorium on Consumption of Information (2019). Given that this guideline is not accessible to the general public, individuals are able to apply for a submission that will be assessed by an internal panel. The panel’s decision is final and no reason will be given for the outcome whether it be approved or rejected.

You are discouraged from applying. 95% of applications are denied. However, in the spirit of good will and the fundamental ideal of Best Practice on which this organisation was founded, all applications will be considered fairly, free of prejudice. No preference or quota is allocated for anyone based on ethnicity, gender, disability, age or any other condition.

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How important do you perceive this information to be to the stake holders?
It is your responsibility to ensure that the link/method works. One (1) attempt will be made to access the information by our panel. If this information cannot be accessed upon the first attempt, it will be discarded (except in cases where a request is sent from our Internal Processing Unit). You will not be notified whether this method worked or did not work unless contacted by a representative of the Internal Processing Unit.
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By ticking the below box, I agree that I understand the above information. I agree that I do not expect any response, agreement, approval or indication that my submission was received, processed or consumed. I also agree that given the current amount of information currently in existence, I have to the best of my ability, made a concerted effort to apply the highest of quality control standards to this information. I agree that this information is not being shared in order to fulfill any of the following: a) To gain recognition or praise due to my finding the information. This can include the desire to signal virtue. b) The information is intended for marketing purposes.